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Kuen Tong Industrial Co. Ltd. 昆桐科技股份有限公司

Automotive/Motorcycle/Bicycle parts|Transmission/brake/suspension system & pa...

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Kuentong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the Republic of China in 1986 and is an ISO/TS16949 quality management system certified company.
In April 2013, Kuentong Technology officially moved to the new plant. At this stage, the total plant area is about 2,100 pings, with hundreds of production facilities.
At present, the main products are steam, locomotive system components, high-priced bicycle system components, 3C products, medical equipment, wearable devices and other product lines.
Kuentong Technology is committed to the integration and management of the supply chain, and has obtained TIER 1 supplier qualification and system certification for customers such as SRAM, TESLA, APPLE, SONY, MOTOROLA, ....
The vision of Kuentong Technology is to become GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN PARTNER and become the best supply chain integration group in Asia.


◎1997: Kuentong Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Changhua City.

◎2002: Due to the expansion of scale and the introduction of CNC equipment, it was changed to “Kuentong Technology Co., Ltd.”.

◎2004.. The whole factory was introduced and certified to pass the ISO-9001 quality management system.

◎2005.. Purchased three-dimensional inspection equipment due to quality requirements.

◎2009.. imported SPC statistical process control system. The company name was changed to "Kuentong Technology Co., Ltd.".

◎2010.. The number of CNC equipment reached 80. During the same period, the new plant was planned and put into operation.

◎2011.. A total of 97 CNC equipments were purchased due to the expansion of equipment.

◎2011: import SPC Net Connection statistical process control system.

◎2011: import CNC Wireless Transmission Module.

◎2012.. Adding CNC equipment, there are currently 155 equipment.

◎2013.. The new factory was completed and the new factory was officially relocated. The annual operating target grew by 30%.

◎2014.. The whole factory was imported and certified to pass the TS-16949 quality management system.

◎2015.. Expansion of Kuentong No. 2 Plant, adding CNC equipment and self-cultivation equipment, currently there are 189 equipments.




Company Profile
Company Name:Kuen Tong Industrial Co. Ltd. 昆桐科技股份有限公司
Business Type: Manufacturer
Place of origin:Taiwan/Changhua County
Capital:1400000 USD
Registered Year:1992
Export Market:North America , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe
Main Product:Automotive/Motorcycle/Bicycle parts|Transmission/brake/suspension system & parts|Part manufacturing, module assembly, Process integration|Aluminum/copper Die casting/Forging, Precision machining|Stainless precision machining|OEM service, ODM service|Oil f
Business Scope:
Bicycles & Parts
Motorcycles & Parts
Motorcycles & Parts / Body Components / Pipes & Tubes